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As a Corporate Brand and a Commitment to deliver Quality Products at Affordable Prices we dedicatedly provide following pure Ater perfumes.

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  Oudh Al Musk   Mukhalat   Saiful Hind  
  Rose Musk   Oudh Amber   Oudh Algulab  
  Life Night   Gulab   Straw Berry  
  S. Appeal   Camery   Jeezan  
  Ars-Impex is synonymous with high product quality. Ars-Impex offers a wide range of Stainless Steel,

Aluminium and Hard-Anodised products.
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  Stainless Steel Cookware Sets   Stainless Steel Bowls & Pots   Other Stainless Steel Products  
  Aluminium Non-stick Coated   Hard Anodised   Camping Goods  
  Bar Accessories   Mugs   Oval Roaster  
  Proessional Cookwares   Tumbler   Miscellaneous  
  At A.R.S. Imports & Exports Private Limited we are Commited in Providing Selected Dry Fruit and Nuts from Around the World. Quality Dry Fruit and Nuts makes us a well known name amongst our Buyers and helps us achieve a leading position. We are one of the Leading Importers / Exporters of various Dry Fruit and Nuts. Hygienically cleaned, Graded and Packed for Retail / Bulk Sales in Standard or Vacuum packs upto 20Kgs

Various Grades of Dry Fruits are available as per our Client Specifications. We specialise in sourcing of Various Dry Fruit and Nuts.
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  Pistachios   Dried Peaches   Brazil Nuts  
  Saffron   Almonds   Hazel Nuts  
  Raisins   Walnuts   Pumpkin Seeds  
  Dried Figs   Cashewnuts   Peanuts  
  Dates   Pine Nuts   Mixed Nuts etc…  
  Dried Apricots              
  A.R.S. Imports & Exports Private Limited is one of the Leading Merchant Exporters of Architectural Hardware, Decorative Door Handles, Bathroom Accessories, Hinges, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, Moulding inserts and all type of Precision Brass turned or punched components. We source the products as per our Clients Specifications and Drawings. We have excellent experience in this field for more than two decades. Our products are designed in units equipped with Automatic and Semi Automatic machineries. We deliver products with no defects and with very optimum prices.  
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  A.R.S. Imports & Exports Private Limited is one of the Leading Merchant Exporters of rice & sugar. There are hundreds of rice varieties in India. Most of them are variations of some major rice types. Each variety has multiple quality variants. We at A.R.S. Imports & Exports Private Limited is involved in export of all kind of Sugar. Varieties of Rice Offered by Us  
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  Pr11/ 14   Pr1121   Sharbati  
  Sugandha   Resham   Basmati  
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  M-30 Variety  

S -30 Variety


S -31 Variety


L - Grade


Single Refined Sugar

  A.R.S. Imports & Exports Private Limited is the company which belongs to the 'Spice Bowl of the World', India. As Indian Spices are preferred in the International market for its originality. Spice is a strongly flavored and aromatic part of a plant used in small quantities as either a preservative or flavoring in cooking. It is generally the dried part of the plant, ie the bark, root, stem of a plant. Our company specialises in offering a variety of indian spices that increase the flavour and taste of food. Backed by strong experience in Global Exports and Extensive Knowledge of the End user requirements, we supply spices as per our client's requirement. We adhere to international quality standards right from cultivation method, manufacturing process and packaging of our Spices.  
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  Ungrinded Spices           Grinded Spices    
  Ajwain Seeds   Ani Seeds   Black Pepper  
  Asafoetida   Bay Leaves   Black Salt (Powder)  
  Black Cardamom   Black Onion Seeds / Kalonji / Nigella Sativa   Chilli Powder  
  Black pepper   Black Salt   Cinnamon Powder  
  Caraway Seeds   Cardamom Green   Cumin Powder  
  Celery Seeds   Cinnamon Sticks   Fennel Seeds Powder  
  Cumin Seeds   Curry Leaves   Ginger Powder  
  Dried Coriander Leaves   Dry Ginger   Heena (Mehndi)  
  Dill Seeds   Fennel Seeds   Licorice  
  Fenugreek Leaves   Fenugreek Seeds (Methi)   Mango Powder  
  Garam Masala   Garlic   Turmeric  
  Ginger   Licorice   Food Stuffs    
  Mace   Mango Powder   Papads    
  Mustard seeds   Nutmeg   Pickles    
  Poppy Seed   Red Chillies   Kurmura (Puffed Rice)    
  Salt   Star Anise   Powa (Flattened Rice)    
  Tamarind   Turmeric   Roasted Gram    
  Turmeric Finger   Vanilla   Instant Mix Indian Snacks    
  Major Spices Exported           Tamarind Paste    
  Chillies 33%           Paan Mukhwas (Mouth Freshner)    
  Seed spices 22%           Dhanadal    
  Turmeric 14%           Sago Seeds    
  Spice Oils and oleoresins 7%           Betel Nuts    
  Pepper 7%           Natural Flavours/Seasonings    
  Cardamom 1.10%           Jaggery    
  Ginger 2.70%                
  Fennel 1.10%                
  Fenugreek 1.20%                
  Tamarind 0.90%                
  Nutmeg and Mace 1.00%                
  English Name   Botanical Name   Common Indian Name    
  Amla   Phyllanthus emblica   Amla  
  Arjun Bark   Terminalia arjuna   Arjun  
  Ashwagandha   Withania somnifera   Ashwagandha  
  Calamus sweet flag   Acorus calamus   Bach Mool  
  Bacopa   Bacopa monnieri   Brahmi  
  Bai Chandi   Dioscorea hispida   Bai Chandi  
  Vidanga   Embelia ribes   Bai Vidang  
  Heart leaf sida   Sida cordifolia   Bala  
  Bael   Aegle marmelos   Bel  
  Beuta/Palash   Beuta monosperma   Palash/Dhak  
  Eclipta   Eclipta alba   Bhringraj  
  Phyllanthus   Phyllanthus niruri   Bhumiamalaki  
  Bougainbellia   Bougainvillea spectabilis   Bougainbellia  
  Gotu Kola   Centella asiatica   Brahmi  
  Chamomile   Matricaria chamomilla   Chamomile  
  Garden Cress   Lepidium sativum   Chandrashoor  
  Chirauli nut free   Buchanania latifolia   Chiraunji  
  Ceylon lead wort   Plumbago zeylanica   Chitrakmool  
  Cissus/Harjor   Cissus quadriangularis   Harjor  
  Cyperus/Motha   Cyperus rotundus   Motha  
  Gymnema   Gymnema sylevestre   Gudmar  
  Indian Tinospora   Tinospora cordifolia   Guruchi  
  Haritaki   Terminalia chebula   Haritaki  
  Ivy gourd   Coccinia indica   Bimbi  
  Jambolan   Syszygium cumini   Jamun Seed  
  Jangli Haldi   Curcuma aromatica   Jangli Haldi  
  Indian Squill   Urginea indica   Jangli Pyaaz  
  Curcuglio golden eye grass   Curculigo orchioides   Kali Musli  
  Andrographis   Andrographis paniculata   Kalmegh  
  Katuki   Picrorhiza kurroa   Katuki  
  Crepe ginger   Costus specious   Keokand  
  Kiwanch   Mucuna pruriens   Kiwanch  
  Krishna Tulsi - Holy Basil   Ocimum sanctum   Krishna Tulsi  
  Molucca bean   Caesalpinia crista   Kuberaksha  
  Large Gokhru   Padelium murax   Bada Gokhru  
  Celastrus paniculata   Malkangini  
  Mint Leaf/Mentha   Mentha arvensis   Pudina  
  Mulethi   Glycyrrhiza glabra   Mulethi  
  Cyperus   Cyperus scariosus   Nagarmotha  
  Neem Bark   Azadirachta indica   Neem  
  Neem Flower   Azadirachta indica   Neem  
  Neem Leaf   Azadirachta indica   Neem  
  Neem Seed   Azadirachta indica   Neem  
  Neem Twigs   Azadirachta indica   Neem  
  Water Lily   Nymphaea stellata   Neelkamal  
  Long Pepper   Piper longum   Pippali  
  Psyllium husk   Plantago ovata   Isabgol  
  Boerhavia   Boerhaavia diffusa   Punarnava  
  Reetha/Sapindus   Sapindus mucorosai   Reetha  
  Indian Madder   Rubia cordifolia   Manjeet/Manjissta  
  Rama Tulsi - Holy Basil   Ocimum sanctum   Rama Tulsi  
  Periwinkle   Vinca rosea   Sadabahar  
  Safed Musli   Chlorophytum borivillanum   Safed Musli  
  Horseradish tree   Moringa pterigosperma/Oleifera   Sahijan/Sajana  
  Senna Leaf   Cassia angustifolia   Senai  
  Senna Pods   Cassia angustifolia   Senai  
  Shankhpushpi   Convolvulus pluricaulis   Shankhpushpi  
  Shatavari   Asparagus racemosus   Shatavari  
  Lodh Tree   Symplocos racemosa   Lodhra  
  Tribulus   Tribulus terrestris   Chota Gokhru  
  Turmeric   Curcuma longa   Haldi  
  Vana Tulsi - Holy Basil   Ocimum gratissimum   Vana Tulsi  
  Vibhitaki   Terminalia belerica   Vibhitaki  
  A.R.S. Imports & Exports Private Limited has a highly experienced and skilled Sourcing team which identifies dependable growing centres for each product. The company ensures that the raw materials and food ingredients used conform to international standards of hygiene and food safety. We are one of the largest Merchant exporters of a range Teas for every day living and to add pleasure to ones life. Leaf Tea has no calories and is a tasty way to increase fluid intake during the day. Available in various flavours that include Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri Tea. Our tea is a blend of Green / Black Tea and a range of Herbal Tea.  
Products List      
  Assam Tea     Coffee    
  Classic (Assam CTC Tea)   Arabica  
  Assam Whole Leaf (Grade: FOP)   Robusta  
  Darjeeling Tea          
  Mist Queen Tea (Grade: FOP)        
  Champagne Tea (Grade: GFOP)        
  First Flush Tea        
  White Tea        
  Oolong Tea        
  Organic Darjeeling Leaf Tea        
  Autumn Tea        
  Sovereign Tea        
  Nilgiri Tea          
  Nilgiri Whole Leaf (Grade: FOP)        
  Green tea          
  Darjeeling Green Leaf Tea        
  Green Leaf Tea        
  Herbal Tea          
  We at A.R.S. Imports & Exports Private Limited understand the basic need of Mankind. In order to satisfy mankinds changing Lifestyles and demands our company has tied-up with manufacturers and has become one of the leading Merchant Exporter of Garments. We are specialised in various kinds of Garments and Garment Accessories for Men, Women, Teens, Kids and Babies on made to order basis. All kinds of wears like Shirts, T-Shirts, Jackets, Sportswear etc.. We deliver products required by our clients, be it yarn in wide range of colours perfect for weaving or knitting, Cotton Fabrics, Cotton Bags, Home Textiles & Furnishing - Bed Sheets, Pillow Covers, Cushions, Curtains, Kitchen Linen or Dyed and Printed fabrics (Cotton, Polyester, Lycra and Viscose) etc..  
Products List      
  Women's Apparel     Men's Apparel    
  Women's dresses   Men's Jackets  
  Women's Jackets   Men's Outerwear  
  Women's Lingeries   Men's Pants  
  Women's Nightwear   Men's Polos  
  Women's Outwear   Men's Shirts  
  Women's Pants   Men's Shoes  
  Women's Shirts   Men's Sleepwear  
  Women's Shoes   Men's Sweaters  
  Women's Shorts   Men's Tops  
  Women's Skirts   Men's Undergarments  
  Women's Socks   Children Apparel    
  Women's Sweaters   Teens  
  Women's Tops   Boys